Surgical cotton

Our partner bleaches cotton fiber to customer specifications using safe and approved chlorine-free formulae and process controls. Production lots are traceable, consistent, and designed for your product application. 
The leading producer of all grades of bleached cotton fiber, United Trading Int’s business focus is to provide safe and effective grades of finished bleached cotton for use in medical, pharmaceutical, health, personal and home care applications. Bleaching involves the removal of contamination in and on the cotton fiber followed by the removal of its natural color. While still wet and in process, it is possible to change some of the fundamental fiber properties such as pH, biodegradability, softness, surface friction, and absorbency.

Bleached cotton has proven success in products that clean, exfoliate, wipe, absorb, remove, protect, filter, apply, abrade, polish, contain, and deliver. Additionally, bleached cotton is uniquely-suited to upgrading existing products and the development of new ones.

United Trading Int provides bleached cotton to customers globally for a variety of markets and end-users.

Our process and product development as well as our understanding of the many markets we are involved in gives us unique insight into the global market place.

United Trading Int provides Bleached Cotton that is used in the following markets for example:

  • Medical Devices

  • Feminine Care Products

    Consumer Products
    Cotton Balls
    Facial Rounds and Squares

  • Wipes

    Baby Wipes
    Facial Wipes
    Personal Care Wipes
    Household Wipes
  • Filtration Products

We can offer the following cotton qualities following the British and European Pharmacopoeia:

  1. Bleached Comber Noil 100%
  2. Bleached Card Strip
  3. Bleached Strip
  4. Bleached Cotton Waste