Dye Stuff

Rich of an experience of more than 35 years we are able to offer a customer care comprising the drafting of proper production cycles, optimization of the dye transfer and a potential solution of problems regarding costs, quality and organization.

In addition to dyeing of bolt and spun yarn polyester we are also experts of production cycles and dye transfer of the following textile fibres: Cotton, mercerized cotton, viscose, polyamide, wool, silk, modal, acrylic and mixed fibres. We offer our experience following the production, training staff until the attainment of the prefixed goal without any further cost for our customers.

Our primary goal is to provide our customers not only with the best, carefully tested, dye-stuff on the market but also with the most competitive prices and with full assistance in loco. Every supply is lab tested as to guarantee absolute continuity in chemical concentration, with the best quality/price ratio. You may contact us to receive our price list enclosing the dye-stuff folder and also to subject to our attention whichever question you might have.