Our mission:

  • Fully understand the partner’s/customer needs
  • To find the best products in terms of quality/availability/continuity of prices and supplies
  • To provide specialized technical consultancy
  • To provide the partner/customer with technical staff with a long experience on the field developped working in more than 20 countries in the world
  • To provide the partner/customer with a fully equipped laboratory for chemical analysis of dye-stuff and textiles

United Trading International operates mainly in 5 market sectors: Surgical Cotton & Heath Care, Dye Stuff, Green Energy, Metallurgical Industry and a food division which has recently been implemented to meet the rising market demand for meat and poultry.
It avails itself of a partnership with important companies in India, Pakistan, Thailand, Bangladesh, China, Turkey, Brazil and Peru.
We are importers and distributors of surgical cotton in Italy and Europe for Monnoowal Group, and we avail ourselves of the cooperation with the most important indian surgical cotton producers.

We number among our customers the main european users of surgical cotton and the major producers of high quality knitted fabrics in the world, as well as the most renowned users of raw materials.